The Jezebel Spirit — How To Conquer It (Part 2 of 3)

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Fighting Jezebel

In order to fight Jezebel you have to first come to her level of competition. This means, you have to be as strong and fierce as she is. The spirit of Jezebel is a very overwhelming and overbearing spirit that gives the Jezebelite an arrogant and self confident flare and attitude, making her believe she is invincible. She believes with all her might that she is the victim of every seemingly injustice committed against her up through her life, and she is fully convinced that anyone who doesn’t buck to her authority, is against her, plotting her downfall. In many cases, the Jezebelite has been the victim of sexual abuse in her childhood, and carries a huge grudge against men, and people in general. They demand “silk-glove” treatment. So, in order to combat her, you need to first be completely convinced in your belief about what you are dealing with.

First of all, you have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in fact dealing with the spirit of Jezebel in that person. If you doubt your position, Jezebel will for sure chew you out. She is strong, manipulative, and very powerful in her witchcraft. She immediately knows it if you are insecure and afraid. Like a predator, her instinct will tell her about the level of your strength and authority. If you are not strong, you will be eaten for breakfast.

Second of all, you have to be prepared to fight. Fighting could involve relentless letter writing, phone calls, and open communication with spiritual leaders to let her know, that you know what she is up to, and that you are telling the world! What Jezebel fears and hates the most, is when they are exposed. They are usually able to easily seduce and deceive people, so when you expose them, it hits them like a train. They lose their power and get knocked out of their path. In this momentum you can work. That is the time to keep pounding to expose her, because she is weary, and has been taken off guard.

This is where the level of competition is so important. If you are not strongly convinced that you are fighting the spirit of Jezebel, you will not use your tools efficiently. Remember how strongly she is convinced, and match that!

There are some controversial points to the fight against Jezebel that every believer should be aware of: when it comes to Jezebel, you can forget about praying for her to come to truth and repentance. You will be wasting your precious time. Also, you must never sympathize with her. You must be 100% against her, and stop having hopes for her recovery and well-being! She is not your sister or brother in the Lord. She is living in the strength of demonic soul power, absolutely sold out to doing evil, and completely out of the will of God and obedience to God. She is her own master, and ultimately she serves Satan. Yes, you are dealing with a human being behind the Jezebel spirit, but don’t be weak. This is a pure spiritual battle. You might ask: “Isn’t she just a poor deceived person herself?” Yes, she is deceived, but don’t you also be deceived in to having any weakness for this person. If you love the person, cut soul ties immediately, and surrender her completely to God, for Him to determine her destiny. Remember again the book of Revelation where God gives her time to repent, but she refuses to do so. Do not try to save her, or you will go down with her. You need to alienate yourself completely, and have no patience and tolerance for her actions.

All these seemingly controversial points for a typical Christian mindset need to be dealt with before you are ready to fight Jezebel. Anything less than these attitudes will cause you to doubt, and fall prey to her. Remember she is ready to devour you, using all kinds of evil, such as confusion, guilt, accusation, and intimidation, among many other things. Don’t set out to confront her, and then pull back in the middle of it. She will bite you, and make sure you never gather the courage to combat her again. Her stings are so toxic, they can drive you to a breaking point, even causing some to commit suicide, so do not underestimate what you are dealing with!

Also, do not mock her or hint to her. Do not use sarcasm or irony. Do not let her drag you into an argument, but stay in the Spirit when talking to her. Combating, is not antagonizing or challenging or provoking the spirit in a cynical way, but rather staying on top of her, continuing to expose her unbiblical behavior!

Never tell her any personal things, what you are going through, how you are feeling, or where you are with the Lord. She will suck your information in, and use it against you, by twisting and turning your words, making you feel guilty or defeated, especially in your walk with God. For instance she will say that you are not praying or fasting enough. When she accuses you, do not stay silent and prayerful. Instead, re-bottle everything she says! Be stronger than her. Although she claims to be spiritual and a woman of God, don’t believe her. (Note how she never passes on the glory to Jesus, has a hard time worshiping, and doesn’t share about her personal love for Jesus in genuine love and humility!)

Treat her as someone who lives in disobedience. Do not be lenient towards her, thinking she will submit to the Word of God like you do! She is not a real believer; she is an idol-worshipper, and a great deceiver. If you seek to live a God-fearing life, you have nothing in common with her. She is like King Herod who told the wise men to let him know when they found baby-Jesus, so he could come and worship too. It sounded real, but he only said it so he could find out where Jesus was so he could kill Him.
When dealing with Jezebel you have to be able to believe the worst of the worst and never be naive. You must know that you cannot trust Jezebel for a word she is saying. In fact, if she says one thing, make it a habit to automatically believe the opposite. Never make the mistake of believing she has any good intentions. See, the wise men looking for baby-Jesus, the newborn King and Savior, heard from the Lord what to do. Otherwise they would have succumbed to Herod’s evil intentions, without ever understanding and discerning them.

Pray, and ask the Lord whether you should fast in your battle against Jezebel. Pray to God to help you expose the darkness, but do not pray for Jezebel. You need to focus all your energy on staying on top of your game, and not giving up!

Giving up is a major threat to your success in battling Jezebel! She will wear and tear on your life, and seem like she will never give in. She will exhaust you on every level, until all you want to do is quit! No, she will not give in out of herself, but if you stay strong in the Lord, He will make her give in. Usually the battle is long and may take years, but with the right steps to understand your position, you can make it!

Many Jezebels use magic – a kind of witchcraft that doesn’t necessarily involve voodoo dolls and animal sacrifices and those kind of things. As the Bible says, she leads the people astray with false teachings. In other words, her magic comes from distorting the things of God: The Word of God, the Spirit of God, prophecies, prayers, healings, miracles, fasting — anything God has given His people to use for worshiping and glorifying God, and living holy lives. That is Jezebel’s main domain! For instance, she will not always put needles in dolls, but she will lay hands on you, asking if she can pray for you. Then, she will proceed to speak a false soul-powered prophecy over you, making you focus on a counterfeit spirit of “God” which is not God, but actually the depths of Satan! She sows doubt into your life, so you start looking for answers in the wrong places, and ultimately causes your life to run off track.

Also, be aware that many Jezebels have a demon-empowered telepathic ability! This ability usually works with people they have managed to entice and create a soul tie with! For instance, you may be praying to get out of the darkness and confusion you suddenly find yourself in, and she will be calling you, or she will appear in your thoughts, telling you what to do. Whenever you seek to find God, she will interrupt you by telepathically speaking to your mind, letting you know she is watching you, so you feel trapped and guilty. She is everywhere, demanding your attention. If she gets your attention, she gets your “worship”.

How to recognize those who are being oppressed by Jezebel

Wherever Edwin and I go we see Jezebel Spirits manifesting the same ways in different people. It’s almost comical how alike they are. The same goes for Jezebel’s “victims”; they also talk the same talk no matter where in the world they are. To give you an idea of how a Jezebel victim talks, we will give you some sentences we hear often so you can judge for yourself whether you, or someone you know, has been drinking from Jezebel’s poison and eaten the fruits of her false teachings.

Jezebel victims always tend to defend her! They feel responsible to come up for her to let everyone know that she “really is a good person”, and that she “really has a good heart and only wants the right things”. They say, “she does a lot of good to people”, and, “you just have to understand her personality”, or, “she doesn’t have any bad intentions at all”.

What she is actually doing is making her own feeling, opinions, and needs more important than God. The righteous living in God is pushed aside to accommodate her personal perception on the way she sees life. When she lives in fear, controls people, and doesn’t admit any wrong doing, “it’s okay”, because “nobody’s perfect”, and “we have to understand where she’s coming from and what she has to battle in her life”. Slowly she lifts the focus off of God and Jesus and onto herself, making her struggles and shortcomings “understandable” and something we all should sympathize with, instead of suggesting that she should change and repent from wrong and ungodly attitudes.

Although the “victims”, as I call them, do not realize or admit that they are afraid of her, you can easily tell how much they actually fear approaching her with anything she doesn’t like to hear. They will say to you, “Oh, please don’t say anything bad to her. Don’t make her upset, or else she will get angry”. In other words, they are fearing her reaction and the possible punishment and repercussion they might suffer after trying to speak into her life. They have all tried in the past, and failed miserably at reaching her. Now, they try the approach of being patient and understanding. But no matter their attempts to live in peace, she is never satisfied with them, or what they have to offer. They try to give her everything she wants, whether it be money, things, acknowledgement, encouragement – anything she is demanding. But no matter their efforts, she will continue to be bitter and hateful to them, be discontent, demand change, demand perfection, throw fits, and demand whatever she WANTS!

After living with Jezebel for many years, they start becoming weary and disillusioned. They start believing that they really are a failure, as she has been pointing out so clearly, and that they are the one to blame for it all. The Jezebel Spirit loves to make them suffer internally, digging themselves more and more into the pit of defeat for every day that goes by. The more they try to please her, the more of a sucker they are. And the more she despises them for it. It’s like the Devil when he comes to tempt us to fall into sin, and when we finally fall he heaps condemnation on us to make us believe there is no way out for us, although Jesus is willing to forgive any sin. That is the way he traps us in defeat, and Jezebel uses the same mechanism.


Be careful who you pray with. Realize that Jezebels grows stronger in their abilities to manipulate, control, and dominate over the years. Some are more seasoned than others, and you will find Jezebels of all levels in churches. Do not intercede with someone who bosses you around, telling you when to pray, and what to pray. Do not pray with someone who stops you to correct your praying by telling you that you are doing it all wrong, and then points out someone else to continue in your place. Do not let her manipulate her way in between you and your other intercessor friends, whom you are in spiritual agreement with, and one with in the Spirit of God, causing a division to come between you, ultimately destroying the prayer group!

Do not allow her “take-over” spirit to set the agenda, by running her own mini-ministry inside your prayer group. She will take excess time to read the Word, pray for people un-encouraged, sing or play music way too long, and practice healing and praying as if she is the main minister. It can be difficult to discern the spirits sometimes, but ask the Holy Spirit to expose it. If she starts to run the show, speak up in God’s authority! Tell her how you do things according to the order and authority of God’s given directions in the Word of God. Do not be afraid of a confrontation, or try to keep the peace with her. If she doesn’t submit, ask her to leave! Do not be lenient with this spirit, as you understand how wicked it is, and how it will drag you and the church down.
Watch out when she starts isolating other prayer partners, spending extra alone time with them. She will often move outside of the building and start leading the group outside, bedazzling them with “wise teachings” and create soul ties with them. Jezebel works fast and ruthlessly. She goes after the weak one’s, and even “buys” them by giving gifts or trips or money, all to get a foot in the door.

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