No More Jezebel Labels

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There is a spirit that attacks creativity, freedom, and innovation in the Body of Christ. Its goal is to prevent advancement. Where there is no advancement, the kingdom of heaven stagnates. God designed for the kingdom to be a continual flow through the Church from heaven to earth. When powers arise that lash out against those in the Body who are being creative, then we see little progress in the realm of supernatural influence.

On the mount of transfiguration, Peter’s response to the massive revelation that took place was to build three tabernacles. This was a desire, I believe in part, to maintain the present revelation forever. Who knows, in the magnitude of the experience, Peter may have thought, “This is it, here we go!” He may have readied himself for the fulfillment of the all things in that moment, the end of time. I don’t know what he was thinking, but it seems that such a vision and heavenly encounter caused him to respond by trying to hit the pause button.

The Suppressor

In the middle ages, the Church was a suppressor. Anything that shined and stood out was considered a threat to the established order. Inventors and innovators were demonized and often burned at the stake. Progress stopped and life grew dim. As the Word states “where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)  Finally, through reformation and renaissance, a generation broke free of its mental and physical captivity and was allowed to once again, dream.

It is not as prevalent now, but 10 years ago, pulpit masters held sheep down in the name of “obeying spiritual authority” and kept them from shining. Now much of the Church realizes the need to equip everyone to do the works of ministry.

Unfortunately, women–due to misunderstanding of Scripture–have been held back even more. People still argue about a women’s role in the Church and her fulfilling a destiny in God. As our perception of Church changes, this has changed as well. However, in many places, women (men too) are labeled as “Jezebels” when they start to shine. Once this happens, they are quickly kicked to the curb and excommunicated from the Church.

Jezebel Hunters

I believe the drive behind the “Jezebel hunting” is the spirit the seeks to stop progress. When someone awesome arises, often spiritual authorities place them on the “Jezebel watch list.” The more the Church advances, the more the kingdom advances. This happens on a grass roots level, where individuals rise and shine. In order to prevent this, deception has entered the church and called them “JEZEBELS.”

For a while, it seemed as if an army of Jezebel hunters were arising to cast out her “jezebel spirit” at the moment she appeared. What we fail to realize is that calling people who were trying to rise–to find and fulfill their dreams–is devastating to that individual. When we call someone that, we might as well call them satan. How would you like to be called either one of those names?

I didn’t think so!

Recently I heard a lady pleading “please, pleases don’t call any women Jezebel ” You will destroy that person. Are there Jezebels out there? It depends on how you look at it. Jezebel was a lady who lived thousands of years ago, and a spirit mentioned in Revelation. Why would we ever call someone that?

On the flipside, people can call pastors or leaders Jezebels as well, calling them controling and such. You know what?   They may indeed be like this, but it doesn’t define them as this ancient spirit.

Are there controlling people? sure. What right do we have to damage their lives by calling them Jezebel? NONE! As this lady pleaded, so I plead that we stop this nonsense and begin really seeing people through the eyes of the Spirit, and not the eyes of the flesh. It’s ridiculous, stupid, and hurtful.

OK, let’s say someone has such a spirit, if indeed it were possible. What would a true shepherd do? He would lead them into freedom and victory. And if you’re under a supposed Jezebel, what do you do then? Love them. If you’re not advancing, it may be the influence of the religious spirit I mentioned at the open of this article.

Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Pray for a freedom for the sons of God to be revealed or find a place you can emerge and grow.

As God Sees Them

Let us look past our own positions and consider the impact of our words. If you call a person Jezebel, you’re speaking to a son or daughter of the King of Kings. When we realize this, our perspectives will change and we will see them as He sees them. Who knows,   maybe our love just might be the antidote to whatever lie is causing the person to act the way they do?

In our efforts, we think we’ve slain Jezebel, but actually, we’ve beaten and wounded our own. Rise above this and let love prevail.

This is not a definitive study. I am simply trying to get us to realize what is happening and view it differently. I am not coming against anyone who may teach the opposite of this post. If anything, I hope this post at least offers some balance on the subject, if not a total renovation.

In closing, find your identity, and you will find freedom. The Jezebel will disappear and the person will remain. If you’ve been called Jezebel, I am here to say, that Jesus doesn’t know you by that name. Jezebel is a lie. If there is a Jezebel spirit, then I think one of its goals is to convince us that it is inside us or our friends.

Let us brake the lie and embrace the truth that we are  “sons and daughters of the living God,” as Upton puts it!

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