A New Renaissance

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A New Renaissance

Lately I’ve been thinking about how to change society for the kingdom. At Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM), we teach students how to minister in a supernatural kingdom by way of activating them in healing, prophecy, and the miraculous. This isn’t, however, just so they can minister behind a pulpit or in a church setting only. We teach them to be supernatural no matter what environment they are in, whether they are in ministry or “secular” spheres of influence.

There is a teaching called the “seven mountains of influence” which we use as a model of how to change society on a grassroots level through the advancement of the kingdom. These spheres of influence include: government, entertainment, media, education, business, family, and religion. Some believe that this teaching is extra-biblical. While they aren’t mentioned in the Bible, the Bible encourages to infiltrate all levels of this world with the kingdom, so this is simply a strategy in  accomplishing that mission.


Gnosticism believes that all natural matter is evil. Romans 8:19 says that “All creation waits in eager expectation for the revealing of the sons of God.” Jesus redeemed all creation, including the flesh. When we constantly try to kill our flesh rather than realizing that it has been redeemed, we are stuck within the Old Testament paradigm of constant sacrifice. Jesus saved or “sozo-ed” us by becoming the eternal and forever sacrifice. The DNA of everything changed via the cross. Because of this, our mission is to bring the news of this redemption to all creation.

Creation was created in His image, and according to this verse, it groans and longs to get back to that state. When we supernaturally demonstrate that kingdom to any sphere of influence, it is an open invitation for the creation to return to its intention.

We need to repent, or change our mindsets in the understanding and relation to creation. How can it be evil if it originated from God’s heart?  Yes satan is evil, and he was created by God. However, we can enforce the right of the cross to a fallen world, and remove everything form satan’s pillage, and return it to the kingdom of heaven.

The Kingdom

Daniel 2 speaks of the kingdom that will fill the earth. Jesus proclaimed that this kingdom was now at hand. The Bible is filled with verses about this. We must remove any Gnostic perception for our doctrines, or we will miss opportunities for the Gospel to advance.

I am not looking for an exodus of the people involved the areas of influences on these mountains. I am looking for the glory of God to come to these mountains just as it did on Sinai. There, the people ran from the supernatural. Today however we seem to have this perception that certain things are un-redeemable.

During the Middle Ages, (specifically the later) there was great oppression, and this came from the church mostly. Yes the feudal system didn’t help people to rise up and become great, since it seemed to flow from the top down.

Whenever someone did rise up then they usually would be persecuted and silenced. The church was afraid of “free-thinkers.” It threatened the legitimacy of their theological enforcements. While this period was not entirely dark, the controlling religious system prevented innovations coming from the church, or even from many of the people.


Finally, after a thousand years, the Renaissance ushered in a new era, or the Age of Reason. This was a radical new way of thinking. Logic and science replaced supernatural expression. Many supernatural understandings were almost immediately eradicated via rationalizations. People were able to dream again, but the dreaming primarily went away from spirituality. No, people weren’t rejecting God in droves, however they were looking at everything afresh and with new focus. Luther’s 99 theses was a major catalyst for this and in some aspects brought massive freedom to religion.  While not being nearly perfect itself, it was a step.

The Renaissance–or re-birth period–changed the world for the better as people were allowed to create, express and invent. However, instead of being baptized in the supernatural, it was baptized in reason.

I feel that we are on the brink of a new Renaissance. This will be the most creative time in history to date. Supernatural realities and paradigms will be used to advance the kingdom and see the most creative and awesome innovations the world has ever seen.

Certain aspects that I feel will accompany this are described in the video below.

Revolution seeks to change the current generation, and I’m all for that. I am also for a revolution through renaissance. This will change the next generation from the ground up.

I am not historian, so if you are and you feel that some of my points don’t exactly hit the bulls-eye, I am sorry. Please capture the spirit of what I’m writing, and don’t hear what I’m not saying.

With the new year upon us, this is a theme on my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

Recently, I saw a article shared on a social network from author and teacher Johnny Enlow and this very subject, and I wanted to share a portion of it with you here as well:

Prophetic Word for 2013: RENAISSANCE is Here

I was awakened Dec 10, 2012 with a word for 2013. This word was Renaissance. There is other insight that spun off of this, but this is the key word for 2013 and it will have multiple applications.

The word Renaissance means “ a revival or rebirth- especially of culture and learning”. The Renaissance has been known as a period in history, that interrupted the Middle Ages around the 14th century- and that then lasted into the 17th century. The Renaissance was primarily a counterfeit–with sparks of the real–as it brought about a rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman philosophies and values. It was thoroughly a new manifestation of humanism and there was great attention and credit given to “the genius of man” and the unique and extraordinary ability of the human mind.

The Middle Ages had bogged down in the spiritual deadness, darkness and corruption of the Catholic Church. The Renaissance signified a shifting away from dead religion, into the relative enlightenment and excitement of human freedoms not held back by religious shackles.

The acceptable part of The Renaissance, is that it placed an increased value on the individual. This valuing of the individual was an improvement over the normal standard–but it was generally disconnected from a proper narrative. The proper narrative would value man, not because man was God, but because he was made in God’s image. Martin Luther, who was an instrumental figure during this period, was more connected to this understanding and therefore championed “personal salvation” -as opposed to “indulgence-buying salvation”.

Valuing the individual was a tremendous improvement on the idolatrous valuing of religious traditions. Much more could be said here- but the point here is that this Renaissance of 2013 is not a repeat of that one but a massive upgrade on it.

Whereas the historical Renaissance championed man and his accomplishments, this coming Renaissance will champion God and His accomplishments! There will be a parallel revival of culture and arts, but it will be based on men having learned more about the real God, of all present life, and not just the God of the hereafter.

The article is over 4000 words, a bit too long for our discussion here, however here is a link to the video in which he talks about the article.

These are simply introductory thoughts on the subject. The New Mystics by John Crowder is an excellent resource that discusses this in great detail.  If John Crowder is too radical for you, then you have the right to your opinion. I challenge you to read all his books and study everything he teaches and see if you opinion remains. If you want to comment about this article negatively because I mentioned Crowder, then I will delete it.  Thanks for understanding.

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